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  • Scheduling and follow-ups
  • Audience engagement
  • Relationship management
  • Emergency alerts
  • Transactional
  • Internal communications
  • Promotion and offers
  • Customer service

Scheduling and follow-ups

Fill your calendar and cut down on no-shows

Stop wasting hours with scheduling hassles. Book your appointments and send reminders exactly when and where your contacts will see them.

Hello! Do you have any discounts on SUVs right now?

Hello! Absolutely, we have 3 models on promotion this week. Would you be available for an appointment on Thursday after 4 pm?

4:30 pm would be perfect!

Excellent! You will be served by Max B. Thank you for doing business with Auto Supreme! See you Thursday :)

Thank you, see you Thursday

Hello Bobby Green, this is to confirm your medical appointment Sept 16 at 11:30 am. Please answer YES to confirm, MODIFY to change your appointment, or NO to cancel.


Next available appointment: Sept 18 at 2:00 pm. Answer ACCEPT for this appointment, OTHER for another option.


Your appointment is confirmed for Sept 18 at 2:00 pm. Thank you

Audience engagement

Stay connected with your contacts

Keep the conversation going with the right message at the right time to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Hi Luu. Your check-out is scheduled for tomorrow at 12 pm. We're sad to see you go! Reply EXTEND if you would like to extend your stay.


Great! When would you like to check out instead?

July 18

Noted, Luu. We’ve updated your information. Enjoy your extended stay!

Happy Birthday, Julie! Celebrate with 15% off just for you. Reply BIRTHDAY to get your promo code.


Thank you! Use the code BIRTHDAY15 at checkout to reclaim your gift. Have a great day!

Great thank you!

Relationship management

Build trust by keeping it human

Never miss a chance to stay in touch with clients and prospects to foster strong relationships.

Thanks for calling in, Steve! Your reservation for 6 on Monday, August 6th, at 6 pm has been confirmed. See you soon!

Thanks for the great service!

My pleasure :)

Great news Jacob - You qualify to join our VIP list! That means special discounts and offers just for you :) Are you interested?


Awesome! We’ve updated your account so be sure to check your email for more info.


Emergency alerts

Address critical situations quickly

Send out mass messages to the right people on the right channels for quicker resolutions.

Snow removal is scheduled on Smith Blvd between 04:30 and 07:30 this morning. Please park your car off the road. Thank you for your patience!

Replacement needed for the 7am-3pm shift on Friday. First come first served. Reply AVAILABLE if you are interested.


Confirmed, thank you.

Notice to all: replacement found. Stay tuned for the next communication. Thank you.


Keep everyone in the loop

Automate recurring, transactional messages to keep everyone informed.

Hi Kevin. Your order from HappyPlaces has been shipped! You should expect to receive it within the next 3-4 business days.

Sorry, Meriam, but your takeout order will be 10 minutes late. Be sure to ask for a slice of cake to thank you for your patience.

Internal communications

Keep business running as usual

Keep your business connected for stronger collaboration, clearer communication, and more efficient operations.

Attention Team: Maintenance in the office is scheduled for Friday. Please plan to work remotely for the full day. Contact your supervisor for more information.

We need 3 volunteers to help the events team set up the booth next Tuesday at 6 pm. Reply YES if you’re available to help.


Thank you for your help. Check your email for more information.

Promotion and offers

Boost sales with timely offers

Boost conversion rates and feed your bottom line by delivering offers and promotions at the right time.

Hello! Discount of the week: ice salt 20KG $6, plywood 5 "x8" / 4 "x8" $50, hydraulic cement 22KG $60, air compressor 5,4 gallons $429.

I’m interested in the cement. I’d like 4 bags please.

They have been reserved and will be ready for you to pick from the store at 4 pm. To be paid by Interac or cash. Address: 123 Smith Blvd.

Thank you!!


Thank you for participating in our contest! Reply YES if you are over 18 years old.


Great! We’ve signed you up for the contest. The winner will be announced Dec 19 at 06:59 pm. Good luck!

Customer service

Be there when you’re needed

Give your customer the ultimate experience by being there for them when and where they need you most.

Hello. I need help.

Hello! How can we assist you?

It's not going well at school.. I’m feeling depressed and I don't know where to find help.

Do you want to talk about it? Our agents are available 24/7 to listen to you and offer resources that are right for you.


Thank you...

Hi Eric! My hair and quarantine are not a great mix, it's a disaster... Do you have time for a cut + color this week?

Hi Isabelle

My availabilities this week: Tuesday 4 pm, Thursday 10:45 am, Saturday 9 am :)

I will take your time slot on Saturday... Thanks!!! :)

Noted! See you Saturday!


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