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SMS Looky, another way to convey digital content

SMS Looky was first the idea of a real estate broker in the Montreal area who posted a shortcode on signs allowing interested buyers to obtain instant information and photos of the house they were in front of on their cell phones.

In 2015, VIF Télé acquired SMS Looky when it saw an opportunity to transform this messaging platform into a complement to its main activity; Digital Signage.

It was an additional way for us to convey digital content, this time via text messaging.

We first modified the SMS Looky software to use it as a mass notification tool or to manage personalized mailings, such as appointment scheduling. Each client had different needs and required customization of our interface.

It was a good thing, because SMS Looky's new big sister, VIF Télé, was already swimming in service excellence adapted to each client.

Harley-Davidson, Multi-Prets, and then IGA-Sobeys all had different needs but all use the SMS Looky platform.

With the advances in technology and the multiplication of communication channels, it was decided in early 2021 to accelerate the development of SMS Looky, investing in software development and sales-marketing efforts to bring a multi-channel communication solution to life. We now offer an omnichannel product: the idea is that it is the end-user, the one who receives your message, who decides how he wants to be reached: Text Messenging, Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, Voice Message?

Everyone receives the same message, but in the way they prefer!

With SMS Looky, the sender only has to click once to send their message in different ways and manage the received answers in one place.

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Get your messages across by delivering them to your audience’s preferred communication channel.